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The Athletic Secretary and Athletic Director are currently working from home during the COVID-19 response.  Please email as a primary way of communication.  We will respond as we can.  Thank you for understanding!

Victoria Lester- Athletic Secretary

Nick Baker- Athletic Director

1.  What does my student need to play sports at Lewis-Palmer High School?

Your student needs to have a current physical on file, registration packet (hard copy or online at ArbiterAthlete), and a Planet HS account created.

Planet HS is now a requirement from CHSAA.  This is how they track eligibility for students participating in high school sports.  Your student must have an account so we can submit them to CHSAA stating they are eligible.

Students only need to create one Planet HS account for their entire high school career.

Registration only has to be done once a school year.  Physicals may need to be updated during the school year due to expiration dates.

2.  When does my student's physical expire?

Your student's physical is good for one calendar year.  For example, if your student's physical is dated 5/1/2019 then it will be good to 5/1/2020.  We would need a new physical on 5/2/2020 before we would let your student practice or compete.  All physicals must be signed by a doctor, have clearance for physical activity, and have an examination date.

3.  Where do I do online registration?

Your student must have an account and the parent must have an account.  Those accounts must get linked.

4.  Can I do registration in the summer for the next school year?

No.  Please do not do this.  You will have to redo your entire registration.  Please wait until the last week of July for our team to make our new registration packet.

5.  I did the online registration on Planet HS and it has not been approved.  What is going on?

We have to manually approve documents on Planet HS.  It will not be instantaneous.  Please wait a couple of days before contacting our office.

If you are a student at Palmer Ridge or another school that is playing a sport at Lewis-Palmer, you will need to go into your settings and add Lewis-Palmer as a secondary school before I will have access to approve your documents.  This needs to be done by the student athlete and not the parent.

6.  What are grade eligibility requirements during season?

We check grades every Friday afternoon.  If a student has two "F's" as cumulative grades then they will be ineligible to participate from the following Monday to the the next Sunday.  We will check again the following Friday.

7.  My student attends another school, but wants to play a sport at Lewis-Palmer.  Is this allowed?

The school your student is enrolled in MUST NOT offer the particular sport your student wants to play at Lewis-Palmer and you must live in our district to participate.  We will request proof of residence to provide to CHSAA.

You must also provide a transcript to prove eligibility and have a current list of classes enrolled in.

8.   My student is home schooled.  Can they play sports at Lewis-Palmer?

Yes.  This is much like question number 7 including transcripts, etc.  The only other stipulation is that you must go to the District Office in downtown Monument and register your student as a home school student with the district.  This must be done every year of high school for them to participate.

9.   We just moved to your district and my student is an incoming freshman.  Do I have to do transfer eligibility with CHSAA?

No, you only have to do the transfer paperwork if your student is moving in as a sophomore, junior, or senior.  If your student is a freshman that moves in at second semester and wants to play a fall sport as a sophomore you will be required to do transfer paperwork for that season due to previous high school participation at another school.


Contact: Victoria Lester